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Egypt – Flight Cancellations from JUL 21 – Cairo

22 juli, 2019

German flag carrier Lufthansa (LH) resumed flights to Cairo International Airport (CAI) in Egypt, early July 21 a day after suspending all flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Cairo. Company officials had stated that the move was taken as a security precaution pending further assessment of CAI. It followed a decision by British Airways (BA) to suspend flights earlier July 20 for seven days.

BA maintains a suspension on flights between London Heathrow (LHR) and CAI, as of the afternoon July 21. BA has yet to clarify exactly what prompted the move. It has cited unspecified security concerns. Aviation officials in Egypt have indicated that they were not provided with warning of the suspensions nor have they received information suggesting why flights were originally canceled.

Flights between the UK and other airports in Egypt are unaffected. EgyptAir (MS) has reportedly prepared additional flights to accommodate travelers on the LHR to CAI route. No other airline has announced flight suspensions, as of July 21.

Further flight cancellations are possible in response to the BA decision; however, the likelihood is increasingly diminishing following LH’s decision to resume flights and the lack of specific intelligence regarding why flights were originally suspended. Nonetheless, other airlines may seek to take precautionary steps and could alter or suspend flights temporarily.

BA’s decision to suspend flights appears to have been made out of an abundance of caution by the airline’s security advisers following an internal assessment. Unconfirmed reports indicate that British officials inspected CAI July 17 and 18. A connection between the inspection and the BA decision is unclear. Neither the airline nor the UK government has not shared specific intelligence regarding immediate threats to Cairo-bound aircraft.

On July 19, the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) amended its foreign travel advice for Egypt to include language noting “a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation” and stating that additional security is in place for flights from Egypt to the UK. However, the new language is nonspecific and was likely intended to describe the general ambient terror threat in Egypt as part of a routine update.

Confirm BA flights between LHR and CAI through July 28 at least. Confirm all CAI- and Egypt-bound flights out of an abundance of caution. Consider alternative carriers for critical travel. Prepare for possible short-term disruptions should additional carriers announce flight suspensions.

If your travel plans are affected by the above or you require further information please contact your HRG Office.

Source: BBC Online

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